• Selamat Hari Gawai & Tadau Kaamatan 2014!!

    Gawai Day or Gawai Dayak is a festival celebrated in Sarawak 1 June every year. It is both a religious and social occasion. The word Gawai means a ritual or festival where as  Dayak is a collective name for the native ethnic groups of Sarawak (and neighboring Indonesian Kalimantan).  The Iban, also known as Sea Dayak and the Bidayuh people, also known as Land Dayak. Thus, Gawai Dayak literally means "Dayak Festival". Dayak would visit their friends and relatives on this day. Such visit is more commonly known as "Ngabang" in the Iban language.

    We would like to wish "Selamat Hari Gawai & Tadau Kaamatan" to all Kadazandusun and Dayak communities in Sabah and Sarawak.

    Gayu Guru, Gerai Nyamai..
    Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan.. :)
    Psst: "Gayu-guru, Gerai-nyamai" which means long life, health and prosperity in Iban language.


    Frankie John™ Team

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