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Jul 7, 2012

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Dear Readers,

Up to now, has released more the 15++ Quotes, reviews, events and we also change our blog themes. Even so, we're making our best effort to improve or find the best Quotes and supporting services for readers.

Currently, each day we've at least one Quotes or update. What we can tell you is to maintain a blog or website, not that easy. Although we’re not able to reply and solve entire requests from our Facebook, blog comments and  email, but we always set the goal "You Feel Good, We Feel Better".

Therefore, our Team’s constantly have to work hard and make sure our reader enjoy or happy with our blog entry every time we publish it on our blog, twitter or Facebook page.

We need your help.. Our Teams need some donors to provide a minimum allowance to the assistants who have been helping us maintain our blog, pay for the yearly domain, server and all our activity since 2010 until today. To enable us to continue to serve effectively and maintain our blog, we would need to seek out further financial contribution from the community.Therefore, all of your help is always welcome.

You can make a difference by donating to us. Thank you!

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